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January Healthy Eating The Yoga Way

My new favourite gadget!! Yummy courgette noodles!

I find it very difficult to stick to my usual green juice and plenty of fruit during the colder darker winter months. I still manage to have my hot water with lemon on waking but then I long for a nice hot coffee and something comforting to eat so this is going to help me stay eating healthy but being kinder to myself :-)

You can make delicious meals in minutes instead of pasta and noodles etc. You just need to lightly cook the veggies or heat through and add your favourite flavours. So if you like spaghetti bolognaise, you can make it with courgette spaghetti instead, adding to your vegetable intake and reducing your intake of carbs. Spicy noodle stir fry, salads or pesto pasta, the list is endless...

So for me it is more of these dinners and winter warming soups for lunch until spring arrives with the brighter warmer weather.

Happy Munching xxx

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